Essentially Me…. and oils

Several months ago I purchased two $5 raffle tickets to help a local dog rescue organization ‘Southbark’. The prize was a Young Living Essential Oil Premier Kit that I had been eyeballing for a couple of months.  A couple of months go by….not a lot is happening because they had to sell X number of tickets before they could award the prize.  I kept a close eye on the progress at first, but eventually kinda forgot about it in the press of daily life.

Then one day in early March of this year I was notified that I WON!  Shut. UP!

Yes. I. Did!  I couldn’t believe it!  Somebody  stop this bus ’cause it’s going to crazy town!  I actually won it!  HA!  I’d been plotting how to buy it, because I’d been told it was going to cost me like $190 ….OUCH!  Actual physical pain at the thought of paying that much money for something that I wasn’t SURE would actually work!

So, I get the kit, which comes with this really nifty diffuser, that is humidifier and nebulizer all rolled into one. It allows you to get the benefit of the oils without having to put your head over a steaming bowl of water. Because let’s face it, steam is not a friend to my hair. Seriously. This diffuser though?  It is!  It’s a friend to my hair, my den, my curtains, my sofa, my dogs….it’s the bomb. The air freshening, smell good, take away all stinkyness BOMB!!!

I live in a small historic cottage. Small as in just over 1000 square feet. and I have six dogs. No, that’s not a misprint. SIX dogs in sizes from five pounds up to fifty five pounds. So when I tell you that you can’t smell dog when you walk into my house?  Be impressed. Be VERY impressed!  You put about 1/4cup of water into the base of the diffuser, add 3 or 4 drops of your chosen essential oil and turn it on. That’s it.

The next thing you know you’ll be feeling happy, relaxed, sleepy, energetic, all depending upon what oil(s) you choose to add into the diffuser!  In the morning I like Orange and lemon for happiness and energy, at night I prefer lavender and Peace &Calming to help us relax and get ready for bed. It just depends what you like and what effect you are looking for!

Next time we will cover using the oils topically, then as a dietary supplement.  There’s lots of information out there and I will help you get through it all logically and simply!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Always remember that this information is from my own experience using the oils for myself and my family and loved ones!  It is not meant to diagnose and or offer treatment advise to/for anyone. Please see your doctor or medical professional before beginning any new regime.

This is it! Tell me what's on your mind! Lord knows I told you what's on mine! Can't wait to read it....

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