I am a Registered Nurse working the night shift in Labor and Delivery. Lucky enough to have married to my best friend and cohort in crime, Big Daddy; who not only put up with my foolishness but supports it whole heartedly!

We are parents to a pack of heathens we call The Lads which are three smaller male dogs and one very large female dog. This pack of four is often supplemented by fosters and rescues that we either pick up on the street or get through Southbark.

Saveasoutherndog.com (aka: Southbark) is a wonderful organization which helps get dogs off death row at local shelters and into forever homes. You will hear a lot more about saving dogs here, because they are a huge part of our lives.

I am also an Independent Distributor for Young Living Essential Oils which keeps me hopping!  I will share my story about them on another page, but suffice to say, they have completely changed our lives and the lives of those we love!

We live in a very small, very old historic cottage in the Very Deep South. As in, You Can’t Go Any Further In Alabama Without Dropping Into The Gulf Of Mexico!  That’s Deep South Baby!  This cottage is in dire need of renovation and we are ever….so….slowly…..working our way through. Lots of projects to see and follow here.

I also love to craft and have entirely to types of crafts, I really just need to pick two and stick with it instead of 1,798. I mean seriously?  How many crafts can one chick do?

So that’s us in a nutshell.  We are just a couple of folks who love each other dearly, who love to laugh, love our animals and enjoy doing stuff together.

Follow along our adventures in rehab/reno, my crafting, our dogs and learn about Essential Oils along the way!  This is our life. Always busy, usually chaotic, sometimes smelly, but ultimately wonderful. Grab a cup of coffee or a glass of tea and pass some time with us!

This is it! Tell me what's on your mind! Lord knows I told you what's on mine! Can't wait to read it....

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