Fursome Prison

Fursome Prison is our affectionate name for our cottage of furbabies. These furbabies include our personal dogs and our foster dogs. Darren (my husband) and I work with a local foster group http://www.Southbark.com  that saves animals destined for death in the local shelters. I joined the group first and started penning ‘Fursome Prison’ as updates from the warden. Once Darren joined, he became the assistant warden in my periodic posts about riots (the dogs playing rambunctiously throughout the house),  prison breaks, (someone has made a dash for freedom), prisoner recovery efforts (finding the animal that made the dash for freedom and bringing him/her home), and solitary confinement (crating).

I find these posts quite amusing, and it does lighten the load to write about the havoc these heathens are causing. Because sometimes it’s just not funny in the moment, but it’s down right hysterical a day or two later!  Sometimes sooner if I can sit down and write it out!

So here are the current members of the Butthead Gang, the main occupiers of Fursome Prison:



This is it! Tell me what's on your mind! Lord knows I told you what's on mine! Can't wait to read it....

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